I just want to give you an idea of what this film is about.

I’m a South Florida SAGA/FTRA Actor and 18 year veteran police officer. Through my life experiences, personal and professional i have noticed the unequal treatment of same sex partners involving basic human rights. I have seen partners of 20 yrs denied health care, hospital visits, and even kicked out of the home they built together. Its very heartbreaking and WRONG. I am shooting a SAG/AFTRA short film that will show the unnecessary pain that is inflicted. There are several local police officers that are also acting in this film which really gives it the law enforcement feel. The lead characters are a interracial couple who are both police officer. One is killed in the line of duty and the survivor has to deal with the loss, the insensitive hospital and the hateful family of his dead lover. This film does not have any nudity but will show a tender, loving relationship that was shattered. My goal is to make this a mouth opening, tears falling film that people of all sexual orientations and race can relate to. Please help me show the world how wrong and hurtful this is. Below are links to the fundraiser and The DENIED film facebook page. On the FACEBOOK page you can see the current cast and stay up to date with the film.Thank you